Thanks for checking out my editing services. I've helped several writers polish their work who have gone on to secure traditional publishing deals. I am a Pitch Wars Alumna and a Write Team mentor and committee mentor. I'm the co-author of a traditionally published steampunk novel, The Emerald Key, and I co-write sci-fi and horror serials on Kindle Vella under the pen name LP Styles. I also co-host The Serial Fiction show. I specialize in character consistency, outline diagnostics, and crafting openings that pack a punch.

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I love working on:

  • Science Fiction & Fantasy

  • Serial Fiction

  • Character Consistency

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Christine provides incisive, in-depth, and craft-oriented feedback along with pertinent questions and insightful suggestions. She truly understands how to bring out the "heart" of a piece and how to apply the technical aspects of storytelling to make a manuscript the best it can be. Her feedback is invaluable for taking a story to the next level.


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Christine's editorial eye made my manuscript stronger and helped me sell it to a publishing house. She is a great creative collaborator - she had a keen sense of my vision for the story and truly was invested in the book's success. She formulated detailed plans to bring out the best in my manuscript - from structural edits to more specific line edits, she provided me with feedback that allowed me to tell my story and bring it to its best form.

VICTOR MANIBO, AUTHOR OF THE SLEEPLESS AND UPWARD (publication forthcoming, Erewhon Books)

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Christine's feedback on my novel and short stories has been insightful and valuable in identifying areas to strengthen, including pacing, setting, and character arc. Her comments are always respectful and show she puts a great deal of thought into the feedback she gives.