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2 New Serials Launch Today! Go Get 'Em!

My co-authored serials launch on Kindle Vella today! Read the first three episodes FREE on any device! And get 200 free tokens. If you enjoy the episodes, don't forget to leave a Thumbs Up!!

THE MOLECULE THIEF In this sci-fi adventure, a portal brings war with invisible beings from an alternate reality. Genius misfit Spencer Newton is the key to stopping the invasion and keeping the military from bombing both the portal and the research colony where he lives. A mysterious presence arrives; a pixelated entity that appears in reflections calling itself The Molecule Thief. But is it real or all in his head? To stop both worlds from ending, Spencer must travel to the other side... with no way back.

In this supernatural horror, Finn, guardian to his teen sisters, has managed to keep his broken family together. That changes when an ancient demon invades his small town.

To save his sisters, he must fight paranormal evils he's never imagined. Including his mother.

Perfect for fans of Joe Hill and Josh Malerman.


The new podcast drops today, too! Check it out!


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