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Hope You’re Staying Warm!!

It’s sweater weather! Hope you’re cozied up and eating lots of leftover Halloween candy! It’s been another busy month for me.

My sci-fi serial, The Molecule Thief, has consistently ranked in the Top 100 on Kindle Vella this month! Check it out here:

I was interviewed with my Serial Fiction Show co-host, JP, on The Dialogue Doctor podcast. Listen here: Dialogue Doctor podcast

And if like me, you never want Spooky Season to end, here are some awesome horror and paranormal serials to check out: Spooky Season Vella Reads

What I’m Reading

The Library of the Dead: TL Huchu (Tor Books, 2021). When ghosts talks, she listens. Pitched as Sixth Sense meets Stranger things, this contemporary fantasy adventures follows a precocious, cynical teen who explores the shadowy underbelly of magical Edinburgh.

What I’m Watching

No Time to Die: This was a great film. Fast paced. Fun plot. But that ending! I’m not going to spoil it, but I flip back and forth between hating it and knowing it was inevitable. Ugh. I’d love to hear what you think if you watched it!


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