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Guess Who's Coming On The Podcast!

Before the personal update, I have some really fun news!

My podcast, The Serial Fiction Show, will have dropped six episodes by the time you’re reading this. And we have an upcoming episode drop with New York Times bestselling author of the Wool Omnibus, Hugh Howey!

This is an episode you don’t want to miss! You can find all our podcast catchers where you can subscribe here.

The Kindle Vella serials are releasing new episodes every Tuesday and Saturday! The rankings fluctuate constantly, but both serials have had high rankings, with The Molecule Thief ranking as the first top faved in sci-fi for about a minute!

Links to both serials:

Dark Is A Way (supernatural horror):

The Molecule Thief (sci-fi adventure):

And here are some other great serials worth checking out:

As we reach the halfway point of summer, I hope you and yours are basking in the warm weather! I enjoyed dropping my kid off in the middle of a lake with my nieces on a giant unicorn! Although I can’t say this year’s unusual humidity has been doing much for my hair!

What I’m Reading

Death and Life: A Biography: Hugh Howey (Amazon Kindle Vella, 2021). This is one of the wildest biographies I’ve read in the best way. If you want to read about nearly dying while sailing around the world, nude modeling, a Nicaraguan romance scam, and a mixture of page-turning and introspective episodes that explore how to move toward what you fear, rather than away from it, this is a highly entertaining read. You can try the first three episodes for free! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Ten Low: Stark Holborn (Titan Books, 2021). Pitched as Dune meets Firefly, Ten embarks on a quest to make reparations for her war atrocities when she saves the enemy from a crash: A 13-year-old killing machine General, who swings between accepting Ten’s help and trying to murder her. But something worse than the General stalks Ten. It waits in the darkness, alien and maddening. And it may be controlling her destiny.

The Once and Future Witches: Alix E. Harrow (Redhook, 2021). An alternate history of Salem with a feminist perspective. What if witchcraft could be practiced by anyone who had the will, the ways, and the words? Three sisters use magic for family, security, and the suffragette movement in this novel that’s as well-crafted as the spells.

What I’m Watching

Gunpowder Milkshake: A craftsman library full of guns? Yes, please! Women kicking John-Wick-style ass to Janis Joplin? Yes, please! This one is just a fun ride for when you want something easy to watch. Enjoy!


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