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Prize Giveaway for Spooky Season!

Happy October! I’m thrilled to tell you about this fun game that the Horror Authors of Kindle Vella put together for you to play.

We are offering a bunch of great prizes: signed paperbacks, free ebooks, an entire ebook series and a $75 Amazon gift card!

To play, head over to the website where you will find the Kindle Vella stories and the list of scavenger hunt items to find. You only need to read the first episode of each story (which is free!) to find the scavenger hunt item. Then you just fill out the quick entry form, telling us where you found them and submit it to be entered to win!

New episodes of the Kindle Vella serials drop every Tuesday and Saturday! Twenty-six episodes of each serial have released so far!

Links to both serials:

Dark Is A Way (supernatural horror):

The Molecule Thief (sci-fi adventure):

And for the non-US crowd, you can read The Molecule Thief here:

I was surprised by this excellent review of The Molecule Thief here: Molecule Thief review

My podcast, The Serial Fiction Show, is going strong. You can find all our podcast catchers where you can subscribe here.

Also, we have Patreons for both the writing and podcast if you want extra goodies, like early releases and art, or just want to support us for as little as $1 a month:

Writing Patreon:

What I’m Reading

The Misfit Soldier: Michael Mammay (Harper Voyager, 2022). I’m reading an advanced review copy, but the book is up for pre-order. I didn’t realize it was military sci-fi when I got it, which is not a genre I usually read, but this was an action-packed adventure. The banter was funny, and the world-building was immersive. The narrator, Gas, is a snarky, seat-of-the-pants kind of guy, but he’s serious when it comes to the politics of war. It’s a fun planet-side romp if you’re looking for something fast-paced.


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