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Mosquito Roulette

Time in lockdown is a funny thing. Sometimes it seems to pass so slowly. But then, all of a sudden, it’s May. Maybe my hours disconnecting an old washer and dryer and then reconnecting a new set made April fly by faster, but I suspect it has something to do with the sunshine and more time spent outside. I’m wishing us all warm weather and relaxing days.

This month, I have more free fiction for you! Come slide in to some magical realism full of spring rain and strange insects.

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Also, my friend Lon E. Varnadore has a new book out that I think you might like. CHAIN OF STARLIGHT is book one of a sci-fi space opera. Space pirates, bounty hunters, alien agents, and a psychic cat. Check it out:

What I’m Reading

Harrow the Ninth: Tamsyn Muir (Tor, 2020). This is the follow up to the hilarious Gideon the Ninth. In my opinion, you can never go wrong with necromancers in space. If an unwinnable war and haunted gothic space palaces are your jam, this is a terrific series with great character voice worth checking out.

What I’m Watching

Shadow and Bone: This is an epic fantasy series based on the novel by Leigh Bardugo. Instead of my usual review, I’m linking to my fellow writer Victor Manibo’s post, which is worth the read if you’re interested in the show’s decision to portray racism in a way that differs from the source material.

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