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New Podcast - Serial Fiction Show!

Sometimes, people assume that writers write because they don’t enjoy talking to people. I think writers come in all personality types and, whether introverted or extroverted, we all enjoy talking to people. Mostly. Especially if the other person has a good story to tell.

Not long ago, I decided to start two (that’s right, two) podcasts with co-host JP Rindfleisch featuring the work of serial fiction writers.

What is serial fiction? You may or may not have heard that Amazon will be launching Kindle Vella in the next month or two. It's a serial fiction platform. Think Netflix, but in written form. Each story will have “episodes” that release on a consistent and frequent schedule.

As for our podcasts, in each episode of The Reader’s Serial Fiction Show, we invite you to escape into a great new story, and we frequently chat with the author afterward.

In every episode of The Writer’s Serial Fiction Show, we break down the elements of serial fiction to see what really works and why so those of us writing serial fiction can up our game together!

For a taste of the show, you can listen to the trailers, and subscribe to get notified when the first episodes drop!



It’s available on many other platforms, as well as on our website:

I just love the stories and conversations I’ve been privy to so far. I’m excited to share the show with all of you!

And the podcast isn’t all I’ve been up to this month. I’ve decided to give Vella serial fiction a try myself. I’ll be writing with co-author Stewart Sternberg under the pen name LP Styles. You can find out more about the sci-fi and horror series we’re writing here:

I can’t wait for all the fun these adventures will bring.

What I’m Reading

Project Hail Mary: Andy Weir (Ballantine, 2021). This novel features an astronaut on a lone mission to a far-flung galaxy to save the human race… and it’s a one-way trip. There’s also an unexpected and adorable friendship, but I don’t want to spoil it! If you like science-based action and self-deprecating humor, don’t give this one a pass.

What I’m Watching

Lucifer: The conclusion to this show has finally dropped and I’ve been binging! The series features a bored Devil, who opens a night club in LA where he teams up with a homicide detective and starts a complicated romance. What’s not to love?

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