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Springing Up

Spring is around the corner. Although, I can’t say I’m happy about the upcoming “spring forward” daylight savings time change. I love my sleep and don’t appreciate societal norms robbing me of an hour. But I suppose the warm weather tradeoff sort of makes up for it.

This month, I have more free fiction for you! It’s a story related to last month’s research post on neurological thresholds.

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What I’m Reading

The Forever Sea: Joshua Philip Johnson (DAW, 2021). Toted as an “environmental epic fantasy” about ships sailing on a never-ending grass sea, this one might make you feel bad about climate change. But with pirates, a unique magic system, world building that includes a humongous floating tree city, and found families, this was an exceedingly pleasurable read.

What I’m Watching

Death Race 2000: I’ve been working on a project that includes futuristic racing, and this was mentioned to me as a movie that includes that element. Filmed in 1975 and starring Sylvester Stallone and David Carradine, it follows a ridiculous transcontinental road race with even more ridiculous looking cars and a futuristic city backdrop that’s obviously a painting. No real plot. Bad special effects. I’m hard pressed to think of a movie I’d give less stars than this one. I’d suggest giving it a pass.

Cat Update

Mrs. Norris has taken up the habit of licking the fur off her front legs. Concerned she might be stressed because we’re constantly home and in her space during Covid, we took her to the vet, who we paid to tell us she’s stressed because we’re constantly home during Covid. Oh well. At least we have the peace of mind she’s not doing herself any harm. Hopefully it’s not much longer until we can get out of her territory and she can stop looking like a plucked chicken.

Food Update

With little entertainment options these days, cooking, takeout, and playing be-your-own-bartender seem to be our go-to for fun. Between horseradish-infused vodka martinis, spending too much money on fancy tacos, and making French pastry and eggs benedict, we’re keeping things spicy. And as a bonus, that fancy taco place has amazing wall murals.


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